September 28, 2010

A walk around Linkebeek

Well, I realized that even though I've posted pictures of things like boat lifts and beer, I haven't taken many of the town I live in.

So the other day, I took a walk around Linkebeek with my camera, taking pictures every hundred meters or so. I'll try to narrate it so you can follow where I go, but if I lose you, don't worry-- the pictures are pretty anyway.

Here we go, then...

Up the stairs...

And into Linkebeek.

 The church you saw in the previous picture is to the right (outside of the picture), and I take a left when I reach the intersection ahead. 

Here's Delhaize, the little grocery store. Within five minutes, you can walk here, buy a fresh loaf of bread, and be back home. 

Continuing down the sidewalk, I pass the Maison Communale, which is like the town hall. This is where I had to go when I first got here, to make sure I was in Belgium legally.


Around the center square...

 And turn right.

The streets aren't easy to follow, are they? Every intersection you hit, there's at least six different choices.

After the white sign which says Bruxelles/Brussel Ukkle/Uccle, you are in a different region of Belgium-- the capital region. The district of Uccle is where my school is. More on Uccle and my school soon.

Got a picture of a bus-- I take bus 43 to school every morning.

 Here's my bus stop. The ads on the shelter change weekly-- but this time it advertised chocolate. Mmmm. 

View of the other side of the Maison Communale. From here, I turn left, and head towards the train station. 

In the distance...

 You can see this building. I haven't been to the café yet-- I'll save the 3€ beer for a special occasion.

The train tracks-- that way to the center of Brussels. 

Bridge over the tracks. Don't cross them any other way-- it's not a smart idea.


Gare du Linkebeek. It's not exactly a happening place, but it's colorful....
I turned around here, and headed back towards the town. 

Turned left, down this street...

 Here, you can see Noï, the Thai restaraunt in Linkebeek. The food there is delicious.

Back into the village...

You can see the Delhaize sign across the square.

A couple views of the church and the area around it: 

And now, I'm on the same path I started from-- the stairs are straight ahead. 


Aand, back down the stairs...

So, there you go. A quick tour of Linkebeek. Hope you enjoyed, and didn't get too completely lost.


  1. Great directions Austin!
    Ysaline dit bonjour!
    et Cody, Eric, Dustin, et Emilie...
    et bien sur Mme. Copeland

  2. that was sweet, thanks Austin. living vicariously. any of the demonstration energy reaching your little town?

  3. Linkebeek looks like a charming place! I hope you're having a wonderful experience, and taking the most from it that you can. I received your postcard about a week ago, made me smile. You should have seen the look on my mom's face when she said I had was priceless. Anyway, best of luck beating those Belgian girls off with a stick...xD Just kidding, keep having an AWESOMETASTIC time.

  4. Hi Austin, This is your Aunt Loya. Your Dad is here at my home helping me set up scype and accessing your blog. Which is really wonderful. I have enjoyed following your adventures. And I might add I'm very envious that I'm not there too. Have a wonderful night and maybe Clara and I can talk with you sometime on scype. Love Loya

  5. It's funny because I've lived in Linkebeek basically my whole life but you've made me rediscover it through your pictures!
    Have fun in Belgium!