July 8, 2011

Wait, what? Quoi? I'm leaving...?

The moment has arrived for me to do what every exchange student who keeps a blog must do: talk about the end of the exchange trip. So here we go:

In two days from the time that I write this, I will be on American soil for the first time in almost eleven months. I will be back in the land of big cars, wide open spaces, and straight streets...my giant country will be once again all around me. 

Really, as I write this, I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that I'm leaving Linkebeek, the place where I've lived for eleven months. It's like I'm looking at my life from afar... I'm disconnected from what will happen within 48 hours. I guess it'll hit me on the plane...that's what I keep telling everybody.

However, I will worry about that when it comes... right now I want to describe where I am at this moment.

I'm sitting at the computer in my host family's house, a pair of headphones over my ears playing music from a CD that my friend Clémence gave to me, just before we said goodbye for the last time. Right now, as I write this sentence, I'm listening to "Travel the World," by Superbus.
I'm sorting through hundreds of photos...trying to figure out which ones to start putting on the internet. The house is dark, my host family is asleep-- it's 1 in the morning. My American exchange student friend Johanna just chatted me on Facebook, asking in French whether I was ready or not. Non, pas du tout. Not at all.

I feel just normal, sitting here at the computer with my headphones on. I can't think that in less than 48
hours, my life will get turned upside down.

I'll talk about that in more detail when I'm on the other side of the ocean. Because I have one day left in Belgium.