March 27, 2011

A spring run

This afternoon I charged up my camera, made sure I had a lot of memory card space, put on my running shoes, shorts, and bright yellow AFS t-shirt, and headed out the front door down the street.

It's no longer winter in Linkebeek. The birds are singing; bright green little buds are appearing on the brown branches of the trees; tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are pushing up and placing spots of color onto the lawns and into the gardens. This past week the weather has been warm and sunny-- even t-shirt weather. A couple hours ago, I was hitting hockey balls around with my host brothers in the back yard-- barefoot. The world outside is waking up.

I traced a path through the narrow streets and trails, taking pictures of what was in front of me. I made my way from Linkebeek into a neighboring village called Holleken, then into the some neighborhoods of Rhode-Saint-Genèse (a town in the Flemish region, south of Linkebeek), then back north into Uccle, a commune of Brussels. Then I returned into Linkebeek, taking some pictures of the town square and church before returning down the stairs towards my house.

The following pictures show what I saw on my run.

And I returned into the back yard. It was a beautiful run.