December 18, 2010

La Neige!

Well, this past week it has snowed again. Compared to the Colorado mountains, it's not a whole lot (no more than two inches), but I've heard that for this time of year it's not very common to have snow on the ground.

Yesterday I went into the center of Brussels and wandered around, and I took some pictures. The weather stayed BEAUTIFUL the entire day--clear and cold-- something rather rare. So I took advantage of it for photography's sake.

With these pictures, I'm not going to run much of a commentary like I've done with a lot of other sets-- most of them are pretty self-explanatory. Pretty trees, pretty sun, pretty houses, etc...

Each bold heading refers to the pictures below it. 

My back yard in Linkebeek


Grand Place, Bruxelles

Cath├ędral St. Michel, Bruxelles 

Parc Royal, Bruxelles

Tour de Wim Delvoye, on the roof of the Palais de Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles


Voila--a little bit of winter in Belgium. 

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  1. Austin,
    Making a vid for a trailer for a book...hoping you'd give me permission to use your tower picture here at the bottom of your blog. I'd be willing to give you credit at the end of the trailer if you say yes... please consider!
    Thanks! Dean