October 28, 2010

Fajitas avec sauce Brasil

 Last week, I made fajitas for my host family. Mexican food is something that doesn't exist at all here in Belgium-- people don't know what tacos or burritos are.

At first, I thought I could make burritos, but they sold no green chilis in the supermarket (not even canned ones) and nothing resembling pinto beans (closest thing was British boiled beans), so I gave up on that. They had bell peppers, though, and chicken, and salsa, and tortillas, luckily.

There's also no sour cream here, strangely enough. They were out of plain yougurt, which is close, but I thought that fromage frais might work as well. It has the same consistency as sour cream, and it's also white. 

I got home, opened the package, and realized that it was sweet, and tasted absolutely nothing like sour cream. Crap. 

  Anyway, here's the package of tortillas-- printed in French, Dutch, and German.

The fajitas were quite good--they made me think of the Flagstaff band trips, which is always a good sign. My family seemed to like them, too-- but I just wanted to share this picture below:

It's a fajita with brasil sauce, which tastes a little like a cross between curry and mayonnaise. My host brothers Quentin and Diego put it on lots of things.

Fajitas included. It was a crossroads of two completely different cuisines. Belgian and Mexican. Mmmm....

Diego-- he's the inventor of a new taste sensation. Look out, Fiesta Mexicana...

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