September 20, 2010

Brussels-- the chocolate and the beer

Two weekends ago, I toured a chocolaterie and a brewery with some other AFS students from my region. 

Here are some pictures!

I started my day at the train station at Linkebeek. The train ride from Linkebeek to the middle of Brussels is less than 20 minutes. 

We went to the chocolaterie first, and watched one of the workers there make pralines-- chocolate candies with a creamy filling. Per day, this guy makes over 10,000 pralines. 

 The chocolaterie buys giant (20 kilogram) bags of chocolate...

 ...and puts them into this machine to melt and temper. 

And they mold them into shapes and into candies. Mmmm... 

After the chocolaterie, we got on the tram...

and headed into the center of Brussels for lunch. I got some pictures of the streets and the Grand Place and the ambience:

I want a hat like these guys had:

A beautiful day at the Grand Place...

here's a panoramic view:

C'est joli, oui?

After lunch, we went to the brewery. 

And at the end, we sampled the beer. Though I'm sure it was some of the best beer in the world, I didn't much care for the taste. It looks pretty, though, don't you think? 

After that, the group split up, and I headed to the Grand Place again, and found a marching band. A little different than M-CHS, but not too much:

And, one last nice picture of my day in Brussels:

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