August 30, 2010

Bike ride

Really, camera shopping here isn't all that much different from the U.S.... It makes me mad that I didn't just buy a camera there. Ah well...Now I have one! Life is good.

So I'll start with some general photos: here's the view out my bedroom window: 

My host dad Frederick went on a bike ride Saturday, so I got some pictures of the woods in Belgium. The woods here are quite nice-- lots of green.

 We rode through woods like this for quite a while, passing houses and crossing roads periodically.

It was a surprise for me when we came upon a wide open stretch of grass, with a beautiful mansion-- le ch√Ęteau de la Hulpe. I got the gist of the history-- it was the summer home of a chemist and scientist named Ernest Solvay, who made various important industrial and scientific discoveries.

Here's a closer-up picture:

It was quite nice.

We headed back into Linkebeek, and I got a photo of the outskirts of the village:

Classic Europe. It was great.


  1. Wow, "Green" is right! What beautiful surroundings you have. I would love to know what species of trees and shrubs are in the forest.....are there oaks, maples, etc? Maybe you can ask Frederick.....
    Thanks for sharing the photos. Hugs, Mom

  2. Lovely Austin! Glad you are out biking too.


  3. Just read through your blog Austin - thanks SOOO much for sharing! It sounds like there is so much for you to see and learn about on your adventure and your keen sense of observation appears to be guiding you along nicely. I hope you have settled into a good sleep schedule after all of that time awake! It sounds like you are taking in the french language beautifully and working on the processing end of things. I am sure that will only increase and you will surprise yourself with how quickly you learn the language. Best wishes!